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Security Systems


Closed circuit television has become increasingly popular over the last few years,
especially in the domestic market. Picture quality has improved greatly due to digital developments and systems are now more affordable than ever before.

Wide Range Of CCTV Systems

Connect Security can offer a range of quality CCTV systems, offering 24-hour recording, giving you complete peace of mind, that your property is secure at all times. Our systems are operated by a NVR/DVR and all images are recorded onto a hard drive and can then be exported to USB for archiving or for evidence purposes.


The NVR/DVR recorder varies on the recording times, dependent on which hard drive size is fitted, this is where site surveys and recommendations will help you decide which system to choose and what hardware is more suited to your needs.


Our systems also have the option to be linked via the internet for ‘live viewing’. This can then be viewed from your smartphone, iPad/tablet or computer.


There are now a few Camera options to choose from, due to Smart technologies: these can be set up and programmed to send notifications to your mobile device when movement or intrusion has been triggered. Within this range of cameras they have the capability to see full colour at night, audio + A1 technology.

Our Products are supplied by:

CCTV Direct

Door Entry

Door Entry Systems are designed to identify and permit entry to only the right visitors.

Audio Entry

This is a standard type of system whereby the main entrance door remains securely locked. When a visitor arrives they push the call button on the external weatherproof audio unit, this would ring the internal telephone handset. By answering you can then have a two-way conversation with the visitor and by pushing the release button on the telephone handset, the entrance door can be electronically released, allowing the visitor to enter.

Door Entry

Video Entry

As described in the above system, but this has a small internal camera built into the external weatherproof unit and an LCD monitor incorporated within the telephone handset. This will give you a visual image of your visitors.

Entry Keypad

Digital Keypad Entry

These can be integrated or stand-alone units. By entering your access code, this would release the electronically locked door.

Security Lighting Systems

Connect Security install and maintain professional lighting systems, these can be automatically activated or manually switched to operate any individual zones.

Automatically Controlled
Manually Controlled
Infrared Sensors
2 or 4 Zone Systems
Audible alert if external detectors are triggered (day or night)
Keypad to show which zone has been triggered
The lighting system can be linked to your intruder alarm
When activated, will trigger the lighting system to switch on all the floodlights
Systems provided by GJD Lighting Systems.
Light Cluster
GDJ Panel

All our systems can be tailored to your requirements.